Cloud Services

Tech Builders helps companies with Cloud resources which can help with scalability and infrastructure. We provide services that help with administration, implementation, and migration for all companies large and small. Using Cloud hosting can help with scalability resources, data management, backups, and security in data centers. Creating hybrid infrastructures in order to better facilitate the growth and security of your projects is our goal.

Cloud computing has dominated the business technology landscape for over a decade now, and Tech Builders has spent that period perfecting the art of cloud application development and migrating on-premise systems into the cloud. We can optimize your current cloud solutions by consolidating infrastructures, standardizing outmoded environments and otherwise modernizing individual resources.

Cloud App Development

We develop and deploy cloud applications.  All apps are also designed to work with the major browsers now and in the future. We work on efficiency of the apps so they are highly scalable. Our team combines mobile-first design techniques with server-side programming and rich database functionality to create high-performance enterprise cloud apps.We also create ERPs, CRMs, CMSs and much more. Our integration services allow for cloud applications to deploy in public, private and hybrid environments.

Cloud Migration Services

We work closely with your IT team and managed service providers to migrate apps.  We also migrate whole enterprise infrastructures to the cloud.  Likewise we use thoughtful migration methods that limit system downtime and ensure data integrity. We also supply platform and cloud infrastructure refactoring services when required.  Whenever possible, we design for parallel and automated migration methods.  So, we can help you find a solution for your migration requirements.

Cloud Computing Architecture

We know how to Consolidate your applications and services in the cloud with a hybrid solution on public and private servers very well. We understand that cloud architecture is critical for eliminating fragmented data. Our team also ensures mission-critical processes “communicate” with one another in complex situations. We leverage enterprise service businesses and service-oriented architectures to streamline data flows. Finally, we can publish your APIs in the cloud to facilitate easy third-party integrations.

Cloud Backup Solutions

To guard against disastrous system outages or data losses, we can construct community-based, distributed, inter-cloud and multi-cloud solutions. We also have experience building cloud storage solutions that live on most popular IaaS offerings – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, to name a few – as well as combinations of multiple hosts.

Cloud Security

Cloud deployment models provide encrypted Cloud-based data storage. We provide industry compliance and regulation development for HR, medical and legal software environments using Office 365, G Suite, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Azure. Our integration of CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) ensures our Cloud storage solutions and API’s are protected from breaches and compromised data.

Cloud Document Management

We provide end to end encrypted cloud storage solutions and modifications. Our record management solutions integrate cloud-based data storage using hybrid, public and private servers. Your company can go paperless to store, retrieve and version documents using e-filing capabilities. We also provide data governance for information repositories using cloud document management solutions.