IT Management

Tech Builders helps companies with infrastructure needs and asset management. Most importantly,  Tech Builders provides tools and a team to help companies succeed with their clients.  From network services to hardware monitoring, we are there for your group.

Furthermore, our team helps companies migrate from internal to cloud solutions.  Likewise, we deal with security and regulations which is part of our IT Management experience.  Certainly, we understand the rules of many industries and can help you with that maze.  

Cloud Cost Optimization

Tech Builders works with you and providers in order to find the balance of spend and performance. We look for anomalies in patterns and work to eliminate these peaks. We also find the best size and types of tools and offerings from the providers for your needs. Ultimately, we look out for your needs and continue to adapt as needed.

Container Cost Optimization

We look at container resources and line them up with actual demand. We also create automated processes for expansion and contraction. We use the tools and resources from the providers, as well as, our own in order to achieve a positive result.

Call Center Tracking Software

Our team creates call center tracking software.  These applications allow enhanced customer engagement through Automated Call Distributor (ACD) modules, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) integrations, and enterprise workload management.

IT Service Continuity Management

We develop business-specific software and documentation for IT service continuity management planning. This process also includes integrated disaster recovery software with server restoration capabilities through automated data backups.  It also includes private branch exchange re-establishment. In addition, our Performance Monitoring Solutions for Continuity and Server management have root cause analysis capabilities  built into them.

IT Procurement Services

Our IT procurement services include development for eProcurement/eSourcing efficiency enhancements and Information Services Procurement Library (ISPL) augmentation. In addition, we provide integrations to service catalogs and service delivery automation workflows.  Our team also includes planning and preparation tools. 

Knowledge Management

Our IT solutions include internal and external knowledge base tracking software for master data tracking, and knowledge-based integrations with routing/escalation rules. In addition, automated priority services with notification automation are encompassed in task tracking and task management systems for analytics and reporting applications.