Jason Mongaras

Jason has been developing and managing financial software for over 18 years. He began in the industry with enterprise high frequency day-trading systems. He has also worked with groups on black box systems, signal creation software, quote distribution systems, and order matching systems. Jason has managed IT systems for multiple companies in the financial industry. Jason has created and maintained systems for compliance, accounting, and account management for numerous firms.


Kevin Nesmith

Kevin Nesmith (1995) graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington. He began working with trading systems at Cornerstone Securities.  He designed and helped develop of the first day trading systems used industry wide.  Kevin continued working with algorithmic systems, charting packages, and other tools for traders.  He took a sabbatical from the financial industry for a few years at Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2), where he developed the latest versions of translators, debug tools, and lead their support for the OpenAccess Coalition (OAC) and the Silicon Photonics Technical Advisory Board (SP-TAB) that he also chaired for two years.  Kevin has also developed software for drivers for LED’s,  big data search engines, and various other projects.  His tools and support have been used in many software development projects in dozens of financial, EDA and semiconductor companies around the world.