Software Development

Our expertise in software development has evolved over the years. We have also developed multiple systems that involve complex components created with multiple technologies. Above all, our goal is to architect software that remains lean, but powerful.

As technology has evolved, so has our knowledge of the latest tools and trends. As a result, designing and developing enterprise applications that require multiple data sources and extensive API connectivity is our norm.  We continue to innovate while keeping a stable structure for development, testing, and deployment.  

We help companies create solutions that best meet their needs. Whether creating desktop applications, server software, web applications, or mobile apps, Tech Builders works with companies to find a solution that’s right for you.  Likewise, we work for you to help help your customers.

Custom App Development Services

Ee rely on our technological expertise and specialized industry wisdom. The experience allows us to develop web, mobile, desktop, and hybrid apps that fit your business requirements.  Furthermore, we strive to create a visually appealing and highly intuitive experience.  We can work together to turn custom software into your competitive advantage.


QA & Software Testing Services

Comprehensive quality assurance is built into our custom software service model. We also provide on-demand QA and a suite of functional and usability software tests upon requests.  We fit your needs and use automation for keeping tasks on time.  

Web Portal Development

Great web portals can improve sales and customer service. Tech Builders can help you design and build the correct web portal for your business. We can help to join multiple sources of information and get your customers access to your services. Our team can do this while maintaining a safe environment. Let us work with your teams to find a great solution.

Legacy Modernization

We see issues with legacy software as the architecture of IT and businesses change. This issue slows down the execution of business and increases costs for adding functionality. Tech Builders can help you redesign critical systems in order to have a plan for modernization and modularization.

Software Deployment Services

Our implementation specialists work with your IT team. The  establish detailed software deployment objectives and timelines, covering configuration, testing, project governance, troubleshooting and other specific requirements that the team may have.  Certainly, we use tools when appropriate such as CI/CD or code deployment scripts.  

Software Migration Services

We perform cloud-based migrations, system upgrades and other vital software modernization services. Certainly, we prioritize system uptime and data integrity throughout an often lengthy IT transitions.  Similarly, we work with data migration.